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Swiss Finance + Technology Association has been launched thanks to the funding support of Innosuisse.

We are one of the driving forces in creating a world-class FinTech hub in Switzerland.

As the largest Swiss FinTech association our mission is to create an ecosystem that enables Switzerland to leverage the potential it has to become a world-class FinTech Hub.


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Insight Articles

Jurisdictional Compliance and Regulation in FinTech

| Commentary, Legal, Mentoring | No Comments

Jurisdictional Compliance and Regulation in FinTech Know the Rules where you Wish to Operate Zurich, Monday, May 20th 2019 Jurisdictional Rules and Regulations! To many people in the world of…

LHoFT Partnership

| Events, Press Releases | No Comments

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association and the LHoFT partner to promote further the Fintech industry across Europe. The Swiss Finance + Technology Association and the LHoFT Foundation have signed…

Machine Learning in Digital Wealth Management (Part 2)

| Artificial Intelligence, Commentary, Wealth management | No Comments

Background In the previous article, we considered the client on-boarding process; in this second part, we will focus on the sales/advisory process. We will explain which machine learning (ML) models…

Machine Learning in Digital Wealth Management (Part 1)

| Artificial Intelligence, Commentary, Wealth management | No Comments

Background There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and their application to financial services; specific examples include use cases applied to chatbots, robo…

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"Being an entrepreneur means you often act quite independently on an island with your team and your clients. Yet, the answers to my most burning questions are probably out there and could get tapped from the experience of a wider network. Meeting and networking with other entrepreneurs is a good way to understand how they tackled similar challenges and learn from the collective experience."

− Jeremy, Simplewealth

"It is important that more large, medium and small Swiss corporations show interest in the local innovation support system. We need them to become active partners of incubators and accelerators country wide. The traditional wait and see approach from Switzerland-based investors must evolve and benefit those who work hard to make this country the world's number one in innovation."

− Martin Kleiner, Economic Development Officer

"As an industry professional, it's been great to participate in the events that SFTA holds throughout the year. SFTA has given me a much better picture of what's going on in the fintech industry in Switzerland, and I've been able to meet other professionals with whom I can share experiences -- and business cards. I even met a potential future colleague at one of their events!"

− Siri B., industry professional

"SFTA aims to add value for all its participants, be they Swiss or foreign start-ups, financial institutions or academics. That means that SFTA's founders and members focus on connecting investors to investments, opportunities to service providers in and outside Switzerland, etc. The association has an all-encompassing vision of how fintech is impacting the financial services sector. It strives to lead the debate and the implementation of ideas on regulation, taxes, competition, technology, etc. Special thanks to John for driving this concept forward."

− Anna Faber, Trade Advisor at Department for International Trade