Swiss FinteCH

We are an independent association
which serves as the center of gravity for
Swiss FinteCH @finnovationCH

Convergence and InsurTech

Creating Thought Leadership
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Swiss FinteCH

We are an independent association
which serves as the center of gravity for Swiss FinteCH


As the largest Swiss FinTech association our mission is to create an ecosystem that enables Switzerland to leverage the potential it has to become a world-class FinTech Hub.


We want to be the driving force in creating a world-class FinTech hub in Switzerland

Connect members and develop the ecosystem and members

Create valuable research, content, and insights

Advocate for solutions which address the issues

Promote Switzerland as a global FinTech hub

What do we do?

The Association has a diverse portfolio of activities.

Swiss FinTech Ecosystem

We have compiled a comprehensive overview of the Swiss FinTech Ecosystem and are committed to regularly update it.

Swiss FinteCH Mentoring

We develop the next wave of world-class Swiss FinTech startups through the support of our Mentoring program.

Regulatory Advisory Group

We have a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to governmental bodies and other relevant stakeholder.

Meetups & Events

We host and organize regular Meetups & Events in Switzerland and partner with dozens of top class international events.

Women in FinTeCH

We have launched the Women in FinTeCH group aimed to improve strategic networking and support great ideas.

Going Global

We  organize international trade missions to partnering FinTech Hubs, promoting our Swiss Ecosystem on a global level.

How to get involved in the community?

The Association offers a growing range of specific opportunities to get involved.

Connect with members…

The members directory is an easy way to make valuable connections with other players.


Take part in events…

Events of various formats take place regularly in Zurich, Geneva, and other locations.


Take part in programs…

There are a wide range of programs and resources from which members can benefit.


Contribute thought leadership…

Writing for the digital magazine is a great way to have a voice and share your opinion.

Digital magazine



Adding to the strength of our membership base is a growing network of partners that support the Swiss Finance + Technology Association and the Swiss FinTech ecosystem

Network partners

We work together with national and international organisations, to leverage our outreach and increase the relevance of Swiss FinTech

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