This page currently covers FAQs related to the Swiss Finance + Technology Association


What is Swiss Finance + Technology Association?

The Association is an independent membership-based organisation which is leading in the development of financial technology (FinTech) innovation ecosystem in Switzerland. We are the center of gravity for the FinTech community in Switzerland. Currently 350 individual members represent various stakeholder groups, including entrepreneurs, financial industry insiders, investors, journalists, policymakers, and others. Our activities include networking, ecosystem development, knowledge creation, advocacy, and promotion of FinTech in Switzerland. Our engagement starts with individuals who may be at any stage in their career, but also include work directly with promising startups and leading global corporations. Our organisation brings together companies from sectors such as private banking and asset management, (re)insurance, payments, crowdfunding, data security, commodities, and alternative finance. Our objective is to promote and accelerate growth for the evolution of the Swiss financial center.
The Association provides members with a single point of access to policymakers, regulators, partners, investors, industry leaders, academics, and talents. The mission is to foster better outcomes for all stakeholders by encouraging greater interconnectedness, thought leadership, and activities focused on generating an impact on the development of the ecosystem.

Is the Swiss Finance + Technology Association a government organization?

No, we are not a governmental body. However we can support governments. The Association has been endorsed with a grant from the Commission for Technology & Innovation (CTI), but we are not a government body. The Association is an independent members organisation that supports those who make up the Swiss FinTech ecosystem and serves as a neutral bridge between all stakeholders.

Who funds the Association?

We are fortunate to count EPAM, PwC, CA Technologies, and CTI Startup as founding sponsors in our inaugural year of operations. The Association receives no government funding. We have a sustainable non-profit commercial model based on membership, sponsorship, and revenues from activities, which cover the cost of delivering our wide range of member benefits.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Membership brings a wide range of benefits, including opportunities for increased business growth and partnerships, greater exposure and influence, access to investment opportunities, exclusive business insights and commercial offers and discounts. For a full range of member benefits, please see here.

How is the Association structured?

Our current Board of Directors includes

  • President John Hucker, CFA,
  • Vice President Alexandre Gaillard,
  • Secretary Boris Battistini,
  • Treasurer Klaus Kummermehr,
  • Daniel Diemers,
  • Christian Dreyer, CFA, and

The Association has a chapter model which will allow for further development in locations like Lugano, Zug, Bern, Basel, Lausanne, and elsewhere. Various sub-groups (e.g. WiF, InsurTechm, and so on) handle the development of a range of focused activities related to their specific topics.

Who can become a member?

Membership is open to anyone with a legitimate connection to FinTech in Switzerland who is willing to adhere to our code of conduct. We intend to foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness, collaboration, and competition. Our members range from industry veterans, to young entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and many others. Membership is limited to individual people, wherever they may be based.

Can companies become members?

Only people can become members of the Association. Companies which are interested to be involved should contact our President at Companies and other organizations can work with us via various collaborations or by providing general financial support for the organisation. Our activities involve collaborations with newly launched pre-revenue startups, global financial enterprises, venture capitalists, angel investors, accelerators, incubators, academics, trade associations, and a wide range of subject matter experts.

Is membership open to people outside of Switzerland?

Yes, the Association accept members from around the world who have a real connection to the Swiss FinTech ecosystem. The Association works with key international partners to foster a more connected global FinTech ecosystem. We offer global reach to our members and local expertise to our international partners.

How much does membership cost?

The annual membership fee for 2016 is 100 CHF. A 6 months membership option is available for 55 CHF. Please contact for more information about membership; or see here.

Can I attend events even if I am not a member?

Many of our events are exclusively for members. We do offer some events which are open to non-members. For details of all our upcoming events, please see here.

Is there any other association related to FinTech in Switzerland?

Yes, in Switzerland there are currently three other associations established with a focus on FinTech. They are:

  • Global FinTech Association
    • focuses on supporting its approx. 15 FinTech startups from around the world to connect with investors, regulators, media, and corporates [link]
  • Swiss Finance Startups
    • is a group which focuses on promoting and lobbying on behalf of a group of over 75 members including startups and corporate supporters [link]
  • Swiss FinTech Innovations
    • is an association of financial services companies which aim to support ecosystem development, bring corporates and startups together, and create joint projects [link]