Going Global

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is “Going Global”. In 2017 we are supporting and organizing a number of activities that leverage our national and international connections to bring the Swiss Ecoystem to a new level. The initiatives include a closer collaboration with international FinTech Hubs and the initiation as well as support of trade missions. We want Swiss companies to tap into networks outside of Switzerland and for our fast growing international community to access Switzerland.

Goal of the program

There are two underlying goals the Swiss Finance + Technology Association wants to achieve with the “Going Global” initiative. The first is that it should allow Swiss Businesses to get tangible access to different FinTech relevant locations around the globe. In doing so, we want to grow the relevance of the Swiss FinTech Ecosystem on global level. One of the core pillars is the exchange of business driven trade missions to create opportunities for companies within our network.

The second goal focuses on inviting international delegations to Switzerland. This will enable international companies to have an anchor point to be able to access Switzerland, but also for investors to access high potential ventures.

Trade Missions

The Swiss Finance + Technology currently supports the following ecosystem exchanges:

  • SwissnexFintech startup tour India 2017
    • Registration for Fintech Startup Tour India (January 15-20 2017) – LINK
    • For more information – read the digital version of Fintech India report – LINK
  • Tech for Insurance Program in London 2017
    • Potential for business and R&D collaborations between Switzerland and the UK (February 09-10 2017). Download the Flyer – LINK
  • Russia FinTech Report
    • Potential for business to access the Russian Market – Event 
    • Read more about the report on the Russian FinTech Landscape – LINK
  • Trade Mission to the Netherlands – Come and join us
  • Trade Mission to SIBOS, Toronto Canada – Fill in the form

The exchange is two ways and consequently the activities should result in an increased innovation exchange between Swiss businesses and benefit the Swiss economy as a whole.

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