Welcome to the Swiss FinteCH Associations Program Portfolio

Here you will find all the current portfolio of programs and offers we are currently running.

Swiss FinTech Ecosystem

We have compiled a comprehensive overview of the Swiss FinTech Ecosystem and are committed to regularly update it

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Swiss FinteCH Mentoring

We develop the next wave of world-class Swiss FinTech startups through the support of our Mentoring program

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Regulatory Advisory Board

We have a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to governmental bodies and other relevant stakeholders

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Meetups & Events

We host and organize regular Meetups & Events in Switzerland and partner with dozens of top class international events

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Women in FinTeCH

We have launched the Women in FinTeCH group aimed to improve strategic networking and support great ideas

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TechPartner Program

Members have the possibilty to offer special deals in their profile.
The Association also offers services directly to members.

SFTA Services