About the Association

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is the leading FinTech hub in Switzerland. As a neutral, inclusive, and non-profit association, the SFTA is the main FinTech network for our 500 members; a diverse group of individuals, startups, investors, corporates, as well as various partners. We enhance the positioning of Switzerland a leading international FinTech hub by  organising high-quality events, authoring innovative publications, providing advocacy on important public policy issues, arranging mentoring between our members, and constantly promoting our subscribers to a relevant audience over our digital channels. 

Frequently asked questions 

Here you will find answers to all the most common questions about the Association.


“Contributions from members foster the ecosystem for all stakeholders” John Hucker, CFA (President, Swiss Finance + Technology Association)

We believe that a strong spirit of volunteering is an essential characteristic of a sustainable association and to fostering the Swiss FinTech ecosystem. Volunteers are our most valuable resource. Nothing would be possible without the passion, energy, and dedication of members who get involved to lead the way or help support meaningful projects.

Our board, chapters, and committees are all comprised of volunteers which are collectively supported by a small staff. We appreciate the time and effort required as well as how rewarding the involvement can be for volunteers.

There is an overwhelming range of demand for support from the Association, but nothing can get started without a dedicated volunteer show leadership.

Our website as well as Activity Report in 2016 and 2017 provide a broad overview of the impact our volunteers have created. Our volunteers want to share their thoughts and invite you to join them by getting active.

Please note that all volunteering with Swiss Finance + Technology Association is unpaid.

Why you should become a volunteer

  1. You will gain new skills and knowledge
  2. Volunteering can boost your career prospects
  3. You can meet interesting people
  4. You can make a difference
  5. Volunteering is fun

Requirements for Volunteering

  1. Active member in the Association
  2. Appropriate profile and skills for the role
  3. Filling a specific role with defined responsibilities
  4. Adherence to a code of conduct and other policies

Join a project, take a lead, or get something started.

Contact us to talk about volunteering with SFTA.