The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is the leading FinTech hub in Switzerland. As a neutral, inclusive, and non-profit association, the SFTA is the main FinTech network for our 600 members; a diverse group of entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and  policymakers.  We strive to make Switzerland a leading global FinTech hub by supporting the Swiss FinTech ecosystem locally and internationally by organizing high-quality, relevant events, authoring innovative reports and blogs, providing advocacy on important public policy issues, arranging mentorship opportunities within our network, and constantly promoting our members through social media. We believe that Switzerland has the human capital and infrastructure available to make our country a global FinTech powerhouse and the SFTA continues to work toward that goal.

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What do we do?

Essential information about the Association.


Our team of board members, volunteers, and staff make all of our activities possible.

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Members who want to give back have the option to volunteer in a variety of roles.

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Targeted donations are an important source of support for key programs and in general.

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We have a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to governmental bodies and other relevant stakeholder.

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Expanding membership into under-represented demographics to improve strategic networking and support great ideas.

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Here you will find answers to all the most common questions about the Association.

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