Women in FinTeCH

Financial technology is a rapidly advancing industry with a huge growth potential for new business, providing numerous opportunities for monetization. Expertise and information exchange are crucial to keep track of developments. One of the goals of the Women in FinTeCH initiative is to complement existing activities with an important underserved perspective, in the wider support of commercializing ideas and growing them into successful and sustainable FinTech-Businesses. Additionally, women are more likely to opt for flexible working arrangements, which are currently still uncommon amongst large corporations. In contrast, startups might well be able to deliver on this growing need and a lot more able to provide attractive professional realisation. For this the Women in FinTech group provides a support framework, enabling the community to learn from other knowledgeable members. We believe that the establishment of Women in FinTech group is important not only to support its members, but also to raise awareness and to educate organisations as well as governments in order to equip them with knowledge and tools that tomorrow’s economy needs.

Through a joint effort of all members we aim to make the difference in the industry and in the broader Swiss community through:

  • Facilitating the dialogue among experts and peers
    • Strategic networking is crucially important for a successful career , therefore we would like to facilitate the access to and engagement with a broader network of experts and peers for female professionals
  • Designing educational agenda
    • Ever changing landscape in financial services demands flexibility and adaptability. This have important implications for the young professionals since university or business school takeaways might reveal not directly applicable in the current environment. Women in FinTech aims to provide the next generation with the practical advice and mentorship in order to ensure a successful integration in the professional reality
  • Supporting and inspiring new business initiatives
    • Availability of the information about support programs and initiatives (i.e. subsidies, governmental programs) available for the female professionals is often limited. Swiss Finance + Technology Association though Women in FinTech group acts as an information broker for female professionals at different stages of their career

Brought to you with support from CTI Start-up and entrepreneurship

We are proud to have received generous support for this initiative from CTI Start-up and entrepreneurship and look forward to developing this collaboration in the future.

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The organising team is looking forward to receive your feedback or answer questions at WiF@swissfinte.ch. We will be making the announcement about our first event shortly.

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