The Swiss Finance + Technology Association covers a range of FinTech verticals with high relevance for Switzerland:


  • Challenging the status quo in the wealth management industry is the main focus in Switzerland’s FinTech landscape, but this vertical also covers much of banking, including retail and commercial sectors.


  • The younger sibling of mainstream FinTech, which focuses on banking, this is an important vertical which goes beyond financial services solutions into a broad range of technological innovations which are reshaping the industry, such as IoT and cyber security.

Sustainable FinTech

  • Emerging financial technologies promise to redefine the finance industry, but could they also provide a solution for environmental and social problems? The new technologies are not only a way to promote sustainable and impact finance, but become interesting in the support of scaling up solutions. Investors interested in socially responsible portfolios or sustainable finance investments can be empowered by the increase in data and the emergence of new tools. What are the results from other positive trends, such as a general disintermediation and increased possibility for transparency?


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  • Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the underlying blockchain technology has been steadily eating the World. Switzerland is one of the top jurisdictions for activity in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, and so it is as well in the SFTA vertical.