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FinTech Hype Cycle: Where are we and what is next?

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FinTech has not only topped the buzzword list for at least the last three years but has also attracted huge levels of investment (peaking at US$19BN in 2015) from both Venture Capital funds and corporates. Over the course of 2017 however, levels of investment in the sector have slowed and, in some geographies, decreased by as much as 22% (Q1 2017 vs. Q1 2016).

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Defining FinTech+: Understanding the nuances of FinTech helps appreciate its significance

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Going beyond the buzz word

If you consume financial news, chances are you have heard the term “FinTech” (a lot). There is no doubt; FinTech is a buzzword. Just three short years ago circa 2014, there was very limited discussion around the topic. Now, it is regularly splashed across mainstream media headlines. One need not look far for evidence as a simple search in Google Analytics reveals the mounting FinTech tsunami.

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InsurTech Series #2: How insurers can integrate startups efficiently while keeping risks low

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Interview with Barbara Maria Wagner, Innovation & Business Development Manager at Zurich Insurance, about the insurance industry and the collaboration with startups.


    • 10+ years in Strategy, Innovation & Consulting:McKinsey & Company (3 years); Dalberg International Development Consulting (2 years); Zurich Insurance (since 2009).
    • Co-founder of Innovation Unit at Zurich

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Going beyond the hype – what sort of job opportunities does FinTech offer?

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Lidia Zabala (Head of Marketing at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) speaks in this interview with John Hucker, CFA (President at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) and Robert Cierny (Jobs lead at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) about Fintech Careers and the main job trends in this field. 

The FinTech sector has grabbed attention, but what does that mean for those with banking experience?

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