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Press Release – Election of a New SFTA Board of Directors

We are delighted to announce the successful election of a new Board for the Swiss Financial and Technology Association (SFTA) at the General Assembly held on March 20, 2023.

The new Boardelected for a two-year term, comprises eight members, including four men and four women, and their details are as follows:

The newly elected board members bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of financial and technology sectors and are committed to furthering the aims and objectives of the SFTAWe are confident that they will bring valuable insights to the Association and help to promote the growth of the financial and technology sector in Switzerland.


In addition to the Board, an Advisory Board of six members has also been appointed. Their details are as follows:

The Advisory board will be consulted on the SFTA strategy and will provide advice and guidance to the Association and the Board in their mission to foster innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry.

We congratulate the new Board and Advisory Board members and look forward to their contributions to the SFTA. We also extend our thanks to all members who participated in the election process and to those who continue to support the Association.

About the Swiss Financial and Technology Association

The Association is fostering the development of the Swiss FinTech ecosystem. As a neutral, inclusive, and non-profit association, SFTA represents a diverse group of individuals, startups, investors, corporates, and other stakeholders. We enhance the positioning of Switzerland a leading international FinTech hub by organizing high-quality events, connecting the various stakeholders, conducting research, and creating publications, leveraging the knowledge base of our members to offer mentoring and workshops, advocating for improved regulations and policies which balance the interests of all stakeholders, and promoting our members, and the ecosystem both at home and internationally.Further information about the SFTA can be found at 


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