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FinTech Hype Cycle: Where are we and what is next?

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FinTech has not only topped the buzzword list for at least the last three years but has also attracted huge levels of investment (peaking at US$19BN in 2015) from both Venture Capital funds and corporates. Over the course of 2017 however, levels of investment in the sector have slowed and, in some geographies, decreased by as much as 22% (Q1 2017 vs. Q1 2016).

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Defining FinTech+: Understanding the nuances of FinTech helps appreciate its significance

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Going beyond the buzz word

If you consume financial news, chances are you have heard the term “FinTech” (a lot). There is no doubt; FinTech is a buzzword. Just three short years ago circa 2014, there was very limited discussion around the topic. Now, it is regularly splashed across mainstream media headlines. One need not look far for evidence as a simple search in Google Analytics reveals the mounting FinTech tsunami.

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Going beyond the hype – what sort of job opportunities does FinTech offer?

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Lidia Zabala (Head of Marketing at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) speaks in this interview with John Hucker, CFA (President at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) and Robert Cierny (Jobs lead at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) about Fintech Careers and the main job trends in this field. 

The FinTech sector has grabbed attention, but what does that mean for those with banking experience?

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Past event: FinTech Careers: Recruitment & Selection

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Blog FinTech Careers: Recruitment & Selection


Our first FinTech Careers Event is over and has lead to a lot of positive feedback. An audience with over 50 people had the chance to hear about the current situation of FinTech hirings in Switzerland. The rare chance to hear from all perspectives (headhunter, corporate HR & startup) about the trends and how to apply as a candidate to each one of them, was interesting and eye-opening. Clearly, the labor market for FinTech is growing in Switzerland and many new positions are being created. Based on open vacations, Zurich seems the place to be, if you want to work in Swiss FinTech. IT/data experts are currently most sought-after. Additionally, higher ratios of men working in the industry than women, can add bonus points to female candidates. Diversity is not for marketing purposes only but necessary for an efficient working environment.
Another thing that was strongly pointed out by all the speakers, was the legal issue. Before you apply anywhere for a job in Switzerland, you should be aware of the legal restrictions for non-Swiss citizens. Inform yourself on this website about the various working permits and don’t forget to send a copy of your permit/passport with the application.
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Highlights from the #ReversePitch event 06/10/16

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5 investors and 5 startups took to the stage to pitch in front of a fully booked room at Technopark Zurich. In the end it was Nicolas Brand from Lakestar who was selected as the best investor pitch, whereas NetGuardians took the spot as the top startup pitch. This though was only the tip of the iceberg at the most unique pitching event in Switzerland this fall.

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Exit Strategy – Thinking about the end game as you start

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The stories of companies worth millions or even billions of dollars prior to their IPO in combination with currently high cash reserves of large corporations such as Google, Facebook or Apple, looking to swallow up start-ups, has led to increased investor demands for lucrative exits. The Swiss Start-up scene has been gearing up as it comes of age, with the number and the size of exits by startups starting to become more visible, with examples including, Doodle or Read More