SFTA expands internationally

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is Going Global. We support and organise a number of activities to enhance international links between the Swiss FinTech ecosystem the international ecosystem. Initiatives in the program include:

  1. Fostering collaborations with FinTech Hubs via agreements and activities targeted at leveraging synergies to create impact
  2. Providing tangible access to international markets to our members and subscribers via trade missions anchored to major conferences
  3. Providing streamlined access to Switzerland for international visitors by advocating for a major international event in Switzerland to offer a landing pad to international visitors

Going Global Survey for 2019

In collaboration with various collaborators, such as Switzerland Global Enterprises, we seek your feedback about which locations and events are most important. Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey. With this information we can constantly improve the program for stakeholders based in Switzerland and visiting from abroad.

Give your feedback about which conferences and regions are most important to help set priorities for 2019.


Our upcoming International Events


2018 International Event Program

See the latest on each event here and an overview of discounts here.