The first Swiss FinTech start-ups participating in the mentoring program launched by Swiss Finance + Technology Association in 2016 were announced and look forward to meeting their mentors during the matching event at Impact Hub Colab in Zurich. Mentoring program is an on-going project and Swiss Finance + Technology Association constantly looks for applications from start-ups and mentors to join and develop the new wave of world class Swiss FinTech companies.

The first 13 Swiss start-ups in the FinTech field were selected for the mentoring program established and managed by Swiss Finance + Technology Association. The program starts with its 1st edition this year as part of the commitment to grow the Swiss FinTech community and promote Switzerland as a world’s leading hub for FinTech innovation. The list of companies participating to the program includes both already launched and operating start-ups and projects in the pre-launch phase. The full list of participants with a short overview of their offer and contact details is provided in the Start-ups Roster.

On the 6th of July, the selected start-ups will be meeting their mentors during the matching event in Zurich. More than 50 experienced entrepreneurs, business angels, experts in financial industry, technology, marketing, fundraising and legal field are looking forward to share their knowledge and experience helping the Swiss start-ups to reach the next level and become world-class successful players in FinTech. Profiles of all the mentors are available in the Mentors Roster.

Mentoring program is a continuous project and Swiss Finance + Technology Association is constantly looking for new start-ups and mentors to join at any time and contribute to growth and development of Swiss FinTech community. Entrepreneurs and experts interested in participating in the program can submit their applications online at the following links: start-ups and mentors.

Swiss Finance + Technology Association Mentoring Program

Launched in 2016 by Swiss Finance + Technology Association, mentoring program is addressed to Swiss FinTech start-ups and entrepreneurs at any stage of development with potential to become successful internationally. Participants are matched with carefully selected mentors from Switzerland and abroad who are capable of helping Switzerland-based FinTechs become world-class champions. The program is continuous and applications from start-ups and mentors are accepted on the on-going basis.

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Swiss Finance + Technology Association

Established in 2015, Swiss Finance + Technology Association aims to serve as the hub and centre of gravity for the Swiss FinTech ecosystem, representing all stakeholder groups. The Association currently has 300 members, is volunteer‐led and engages with a broad network of both local and international partners (i.e. corporates, other associations, government, etc.) to pursue its aims. Association’s activities include networking, development, research, advocacy, and promotion.

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