Contributing posts to the digital magazine

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the site. The aim is to provide a platform for members to have a voice in the community and  beyond. Below is some important information about what exactly is involved in the process, as well as key points to be aware about when submitting a post for publication. Submissions must be unique and not have been published elsewhere prior. Freedom to re-publish after is permitted but content must carry the caveat “first published on”.

What you should consider when writing a Insight Articles

Content must have a clear connection to the theme of finance and technology with a Swiss focus. Content must be factual and of topical interest to our members e.g. opportunities for Swiss FinTech startups, the perspective of investors in Swiss FinTech, regulatory and public policy issues, themes and upcoming changes that will impact the local community, etc. Views and opinions are also encouraged.

Articles should be submitted in Word document format only (not PDF format). Approximately 400-750 words in length and can include high quality graphics and tabular information (all usual formats accepted). An author photo, max. 100 word bio, email address and telephone should be provided with the submission. You can tell us what you want to be shown (e.g. only name).

We also accept if an author does not want that his name is mentioned but we keep the right to decline inappropriate articles.

Articles will be published here, then promoted via the e-newsletter and social media (i.e. Twitter and LinkedIn). All published content remains accessible from the archive thereafter.

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association is not a marketing platform, therefore, articles should not include: direct solicitations, bold type, underlining or unwarranted reference to the services or capabilities of the author’s organisation/company. PR company contact details will not be accepted.

Please have your article proof read before submission in order to minimise errors and reduce the need for re-drafting/editing.

Submission is not a guarantee of publication. Swiss Finance + Technology Association reserves the final right on whether to publish, regardless of any other arrangements that may exist.

  • Swiss Finance + Technology Association reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to edit articles submitted for reasons including, but not limited to, style, accuracy, length, and legal compliance. This editing may include the addition of new copy such as headlines, sub-headings, captions and pull-quotes. By submitting content you are assigning all rights to publish the content in any medium, any language and any territory, providing you are identified as the author of that content.
    You accept full responsibility for any errors or omissions in your content and you understand that Swiss Finance + Technology Association will accept no liability, legal or otherwise, on your behalf. Swiss Finance + Technology Association cannot guarantee a specific date or time of publication. Articles are submitted on the basis that they are available for publication at once.

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