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Event Summary – The 4th event of our Corporate Innovation series with CA Technologies.

More than 50 people joined us at the Impact Hub Viadukt for this afterwork event focused on the topic of “APIs for Fintechs”. The participants had the occasion to learn more about current market trends and challenges from experts of the field. The presentations were followed by an interactive Q&A session. After the event, interested Fintechs/startups were offered to apply for a joint POC scheduled to take place in the near future.

The Swiss Finance + Technology Association thanks CA Technologies for their support.

Speakers & Presentation:

Speaker 1: API market challenges and trends by Erik Wilde, member of the API academy

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  2. Key Message: “Fintech is a quickly developing space with traditional big players, and with a very lively ecosystem of smaller players that interface with the established players in a variety of ways. API strategy, design, and management are essential considerations in this context, so that Fintech companies can focus on their core business, and still make sure that they are accessible and flexible, and are in control of how they interconnect with others.”

Speaker 2: API service offerings & support by Roland Cortivo, member of the FinTech team at Swisscom Digital Business

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  2. “Our vision for banking in 2025 is a marketplace for assets and data giving access to banks, challengers, incumbents, fintechs and merchants.Transparent and flexible APIs will be key to build this financial ecosystem.”

Speaker 3: API technologies and products by Steffen Miller, Principal Consultant at CA Technologies

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  2. “APIs are the key to Digital transformation, the building block of PSD 2 and the breeding ground for fintechs to disrupt the business. Reach out for an easy to use, secure and scalable API Management platform powered by CA”

Quotes from members attending:

“Last week’s event “APIs and FinTech: What’s next” was truly amazing. The theme was topical and raised a lot of interest by the participants, which showed in a lively discussion and a full house. Also, the speakers were outstanding and very competent. I am already looking forward to the next event by SwissFinte.” -(Juerg Steiger)

You do not sell the APIs, but rather a banking / financial services and the platform around it”. – (Romain Porot)