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Event Summary

The event “Going Global: Business Trade Mission to Russia” was held at the Switzerland Global Enterprise office on February 14th, as part of the core strategy of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association. We are supporting and organizing a number of activities that leverage our national and international connections to bring the Swiss Ecosystem to a new level. We enable our members to find business opportunities internationally.

The initiatives include a closer collaboration with international FinTech Hubs and the initiation as well as support of trade missions. We want Swiss companies to tap into networks outside of Switzerland and for our fast growing international community to access Switzerland.

Speakers & Presentation:

  • Julie Baechtold: Deputy Head of Swiss Business Hub Russia (Embassy of Switzerland)
    • Presentation here
    • Russian people are very much used to internet services in general, and, according to surveys, more open to online financial services, in particular, than most Europeans. Many people do not trust the Russian finance system and prefer to use the services of foreign banks or other financial service providers. In Russia the market volume is smaller than in the US/Europe due to less prosperity. Furthermore, the economic crisis and sanctions reduce demand, increase volatility and anxiety. But even in the actual situation, FinTech categories such as investment, wealth management, online platforms, reinsurance and others have growth potential and offer business opportunities for Swiss FinTech companies.”
  • Michael Kühn: Senior Consultant at Switzerland Global Enterprise
    • “This event showed the interest of both the Russian and the Swiss side to develop more business in the field of ICT in general and Fintech in particular. I strongly recommend Swiss companies which are interested in new business opportunities in Russia to take part in the Business Mission in September 2017 to Moscow and Novosibirsk, organized by the Swiss Business Hub Russia and the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the market needs in Russia and to meet with potential partners and clients!”