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Our first FinTech Careers Event is over and has lead to a lot of positive feedback. An audience with over 50 people had the chance to hear about the current situation of FinTech hirings in Switzerland. The rare chance to hear from all perspectives (headhunter, corporate HR & startup) about the trends and how to apply as a candidate to each one of them, was interesting and eye-opening. Clearly, the labor market for FinTech is growing in Switzerland and many new positions are being created. Based on open vacations, Zurich seems the place to be, if you want to work in Swiss FinTech. IT/data experts are currently most sought-after. Additionally, higher ratios of men working in the industry than women, can add bonus points to female candidates. Diversity is not for marketing purposes only but necessary for an efficient working environment.
Another thing that was strongly pointed out by all the speakers, was the legal issue. Before you apply anywhere for a job in Switzerland, you should be aware of the legal restrictions for non-Swiss citizens. Inform yourself on this website about the various working permits and don’t forget to send a copy of your permit/passport with the application.

Swiss Finance + Technology Association

Swisslinx –
FinTech being still a very “exotic” topic for external recruiters, not every executive search wants to specialize in it. But Swisslinx does and they distinguish between FinTech Business & Finance and FinTech Technology. Sara specialises in business, while Marion covers the technology part. If you are looking for recruiting advice from highly communicative and knowledgeable specialists, you should talk to them. As a job seeker, you will find current positions posted on our job board.

Marion Desilles, Senior Consultant – Technology
Sara Brioschi, Consultant – Finance and business support functions
“Our fees for recruitment services are very individual and can vary strongly based on the company.
It is normal that some information gets lost, because as an external recruiter, I have no internal connections. That is why it’s important to establish a good communication with a long-term relationship.”

Credit Suisse –
From Credit Suisse the audience received an insight in their data science team and a new perspective on how versatile and interesting compliance is in an international bank. The lucky unicorns have preferably a very strong academic background, work experience and a clear idea of their work as data scientist. There are currently many new positions opening up and members of SFTA, interested to work in this area, are free to contact Mélanie Moos directly. Check out their FinTech related offers on our job board.

Mélanie Moos, Recruiting Partner
Anita Binder-Schäfer, Digital Private Banking Strategy Voice of the Client
“The news and media mainly report on the decrease of our bank, when in fact, departments like Compliance are flourishing and massively hiring talented data scientist.
We enable Compliance with fast, smart analytics and therefore seek for the best people to bring this to the next level.”

Advanon –
What you might have read in newspapers about this particular Swiss FinTech Startup is indeed true. Unlimited holidays is not a joke and truly seems to work. Why? Because Advanon is hiring highly driven entrepreneurs, who enjoy a startup environment but also work hard to leave the startup status behind. If you have what it takes, you should check out their open positions on our job board.
(Secret bonus: If you apply for an IT position, attach a short cover letter about yourself! They sure will appreciate it.)

Stijn Pieper, Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder
Josie Biedermann, Head of HR
“As an early-stage startup experiencing rapid growth, we at Advanon are focused on maintaining a strong internal culture, enhancing our diversity, and finding exceptional talents to add to the team. By identifying best practices, and customizing them into a hiring flow, onboarding program, and benefits plan that work for us, we are able to scale the team in a way the builds on and grows the original synergy among the three co-founders. It’s a challenge, but all of us at Advanon are up for it!”