Fintech lunch 11


The room is fully booked, more than 30 fintechers joined us on March 3rd in order to take part in the FinTech lunch #11. Two excellent speakers are ready to share their view and experience about the chosen topic: “Adding Value Through Payments”. FinTech lunches bring together Swiss Finance + Technology Association members and the interested public for networking but also to provide a forum for discussion of a dedicated topic.


1) Michael Huegli (TWINT)

“Mobile payment has to be more than the digitization of a plastic card and to bring added value to customers and retailers. That’s what we are offering with TWINT, the mobile payment solution of the largest Swiss banks.”

Michael is Chief Marketing Officer at Twint. TWINT is Switzerland’s first integrated payment and shopping app and a subsidiary of the six largest Swiss Banks and SIX, Switzerland’s largest payment infrastructure provider. Before moving to TWINT, he was Head of Strategy and Innovation at PostFinance and held positions in the in tourism and leisure industry and the Swiss Federal Railways. He studied Economics in Bern and Chur.

Twitter: @michael_huegli

2) Oliver Werneyer (IMburse Ltd/Swiss Re)

“There are many interesting things happening in the payment space for the end-consumer. A lot of work needs to be done to bring some of the big players (like insurers) to the new payment ecosystems and possibilities. Imburse Ltd. if the first corporate e-wallet system that aim at bridging this gap.”

Besides advancing digital transformation at Swiss Re, Oliver is a serial entrepreneur who in 2015 founded Imburse Ltd, to bridge the gap that exists between modern payment platforms and large corporate of any kind. Through this platform companies can easily integrate next generation payment capabilities without deep changes to legacy IT systems. Oliver trained as an Actuarian but entertains a broad range of interests which lead to articles, talks, or ventures.

Twitter: @OliverWerneyer

Quote from the audience

“In general I feel this is a unique and quite powerful event. I like the relaxed, open and direct atmosphere. Always straight to the point. Might be a bit stuffed with so many people and, may need a larger room and if the food does not appear in time stress is coming up… logistical challenge.” (Daniel Züllig)

“The 11th FinteCh lunch was highly valuable extraordinary people and presentations from Oliver Werneyer about his Startup and from Michael Hüggli, CMO TWINT. Michael made it very understandable why TWINT will be successfull. As a partner of TWINT we are proud and happy to support them on this journey.” (Marvin-Sebastian Karacsony)