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Past event: Quantopian event series about Algorithmic trading

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Event review of the “Quantopian event series” hosted by the Swiss Finance + Technology Association, Quantopian and the University of Zurich.


The Swiss Finance + Technology Association welcomed Quantopian, a Boston-based Fintech platform, to a highly successful event series in May 2017 held in Zurich. Over three days our members and guests were able to gain a deeper understanding about how technology is changing the world of investing.

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Responsible Finance & Investment Summit 2017: FinTech to support further growth in responsible investment and Islamic Finance

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On May 3rd and 4th the Responsible Finance & Investment (RFI) Summit 2017 was held for the first time in Zurich, in which the Swiss Finance + Technology Association played a strategic role as a Fintech partner.

Responsible Finance & Investment Summit 2017

Co-organised by the RFI Foundation and the Swiss Arab Network, the RFI Summit 2017 was a great success, gathering over 150 high-profile professionals from Responsible Investment and Islamic finance from over 20 countries.

The summit emerged as the ideal opportunity for collaboration between the responsible investment industry, which manages $22 trillion in assets, and Islamic finance, which oversees more than $2 trillion.

Keynote speakers H.E. Governor Kairat Kelimbetov, Governor of the Astana International Financial Centre and H.E. Ambassador Marc Bichler, Ambassador-at-Large for Climate Change and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, addressed the major overlaps between sustainable finance, responsible investment and Islamic finance, stressing the importance of integrating environmental social and governance (ESG) factors.

Speakers, including Boris Battistini and Christian Dreyer (Board Members of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association), debated key trends shaping responsible investment and Fintech, which included Finclusion, regulatory matters and the incubation of responsible Fintech ventures.

The Summit saw a remarkable response from local and international Fintech players who perceived responsible and Islamic finance as the ideal fields for Fintech to disrupt, leveraging technological developments conventional finance has seen over the last few years.

A great illustration of the energy driving Fintech towards responsible finance is the quality of startup pitches the Support Disruption for Good has gathered. Out of three finalists, Tez Financial Services, a Pakistan-based Fintech startup, won the challenge and earned a golden ticket to compete in the final pitching round of the F10 Incubator.

Going beyond the hype – what sort of job opportunities does FinTech offer?

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Lidia Zabala (Head of Marketing at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) speaks in this interview with John Hucker, CFA (President at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) and Robert Cierny (Jobs lead at the Swiss Finance + Technology Association) about Fintech Careers and the main job trends in this field. 

The FinTech sector has grabbed attention, but what does that mean for those with banking experience?

John Hucker speaks from experience when he says FinTech offers a range of attractive opportunities. The global financial services industry has been undergoing constant change over the last decade and many have experienced career transitions as a result. FinTech not only accelerates this change, it creates new opportunities.

As someone who has moved from traditional roles in wealth management, into digital projects and innovation teams, before ultimately pursuing emerging roles in FinTech, John has some valuable insights for others considering how FinTech could play a role in their career.

Answers about whether FinTech offers career opportunities and where exactly depends on what type of role you want to play, whether you want a corporate job, or if you want to work at a startup, what kind of startup. We wrap up with a summary of the opportunities appearing on the Job Listing at and in the market, plus information about how those interested can take action to pursue new career opportunities.

Lead or supporting actor?

The first thing I ask someone interested to get into FinTech is whether they are someone who want to lead the way or play a supporting role. This is a fundamental question that some are overlooking if they think the only option is to leave their job to pursue their FinTech idea. Both startups and larger companies offer roles for employees, not just co-founders and CEOs.

Where do you want to work

Fortunately, for those not pursuing the path of startup life, there are more traditional corporate roles available. The range covers similar areas such as project management, digital communications, data science, and IT development. The major differences are the perception of the company, the potential freedom, and the opportunity to create something new. Some people are impressed by well known corporate names, while others are dazzled by a new startup – it really depends what’s right for you. Startups can offer much more freedom than a rigid corporate structure in many ways, but you can also be stuck on a small team with a micro manager. What seems to drive a lot of those who decide to pursue jobs outside of large companies is that they want to be part of something new.

Disruptor or collaborator?

An important question to consider when looking at jobs in FinTech is whether a startup seeks to disrupt or collaborate. This can have implications on how well suited the company may be for someone with industry experience. In general, startups which aim to collaborate with the industry leaders are a safe bet, offering a clear opportunity to leverage years of industry know-how and contacts. Disruptors may also offer less obvious opportunities. Despite their vocal disdain corporate culture, they need leaders with experience, especially those who understand the industry’s dynamics and vulnerabilities.

Which profiles are in demand

The call for skilled IT personnel and professionals in Switzerland is truly remarkable. Browsing through job offers from FinTech startups and large corporates, one has to be astonished by how many open IT, data science and data engineering positions there are. Talking to different FinTech startups and firms regarding recruitment and selection, the feedback was very often the same: “lack of IT professionals”. FinTech has technology at its core and that means the key roles are technology driven. This is great news for developers, data scientists, digital marketeers and UX/UI engineers.

Currently, the hottest areas we see are:

  1. IT professional
  2. Data scientist / engineer
  3. Digital marketing
  4. UX/UI
  5. Business development

The top 3 do not express the wide range of profiles becoming more sought after here in Switzerland, which include cultural change evangelists, HR recruiters who understand adapting needs, topic-specific researchers, innovation program leaders, investment managers, and more.  

We must all adapt

Whether you want to remain in a suit and a tie or shed them off in favor of jeans and t-shirts, there are resources available to support your development. Some of our favorites include:

  • Join the Swiss Finance + Technology Association to expand your networks, attend events, and join our initiatives. We are pleased to announce the new Job Listings
  • MIT FinTech Course (Swiss Finance + Technology Association members receive 20% discount)
  • Startup Weekends and meetups (hosted in partnership with the Swiss Finance + Technology Association)

Role of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association

International companies like Google are able to attract the best talents with very appealing offers. This makes it especially difficult for smaller companies and startups to hold pace. The Swiss Finance + Technology Association took therefore the lead as a main driver of the Swiss FinTech Ecosystem and developed various career programs to support the growing market and let everyone be heard.

    • FinTech Careers Event: On 9th May we held a Fintech Careers event at the University of Zurich. Together with Swisslinx (executive search), Credit Suisse and Advanon, we addressed the topics of recruitment and selection. 
    • Job Listings: We offer to all companies and startups the first month for free. Get in touch with us and send us your links to FinTech related roles:
    • Swiss Finance + Technology Association Fellowship & Internship: To support young talents interested in FinTech, this program will allow them to gain a broad insight in the industry and help develop the future professionals that are so desperately needed. If you want your own young talent, reach out to us for more information. 



Past event: FinTech Careers: Recruitment & Selection

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Blog FinTech Careers: Recruitment & Selection


Our first FinTech Careers Event is over and has lead to a lot of positive feedback. An audience with over 50 people had the chance to hear about the current situation of FinTech hirings in Switzerland. The rare chance to hear from all perspectives (headhunter, corporate HR & startup) about the trends and how to apply as a candidate to each one of them, was interesting and eye-opening. Clearly, the labor market for FinTech is growing in Switzerland and many new positions are being created. Based on open vacations, Zurich seems the place to be, if you want to work in Swiss FinTech. IT/data experts are currently most sought-after. Additionally, higher ratios of men working in the industry than women, can add bonus points to female candidates. Diversity is not for marketing purposes only but necessary for an efficient working environment.
Another thing that was strongly pointed out by all the speakers, was the legal issue. Before you apply anywhere for a job in Switzerland, you should be aware of the legal restrictions for non-Swiss citizens. Inform yourself on this website about the various working permits and don’t forget to send a copy of your permit/passport with the application.
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Past Event: PSD2 Swiss and international perspectives

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European financial players have accumulated compelling experience in developing solutions connected with the implementation of PSD2 directive. Considering the clear direction that the Regulators have undertaken in the recent years, an exchange of information and use cases in the PSD2 area among Swiss and EU financial players would be mutually beneficial.

Swiss Finance + Technology Association and C&D Suisse have invited representatives of local financial services institutions and FinTech start-ups joining a round-table discussion with Cristiano Motto, Digital Evangelist at Barclays Bank PLC and Enrico Toso, Compliance Manager at Deutsche Bank (Italy).

The room is full, the presentation given by Cristiano Motto and Enrico Toso are interesting and detailed. They highlight the main point of the PSD2 regulation and they give to the audience the opportunity to fully understand the topic.

The discussion, moderated by Rainer Kessler, was very interesting and allowed the crowd to taste the different sentiment about the new regulation system. Many opinions raised from the participants and the speakers, as well as the moderator were able to conduct a pleasant, but tough discussion with the crowd.

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FinTech Trade Mission between Switzerland and The Netherlands – Going Global

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1 The Swiss Finance + Technology Association together with Holland FinTech organised the first Dutch-Swiss FinTech Trade Mission to Zurich on March 15th and 16th. Five events and sessions enabled Dutch based FinTechs to dive into the Swiss FinTech ecosystem and meet companies and major Swiss institutions. A delegation of 5 Fintech Startups and more than 10 people visited Zurich from the Netherlands. Our goal was to provide the opportunity to exchange information about the two ecosystems. The trade mission attracted over 100 unique visitors and consisted of more more than 40 B2B meetings between 10 Startups (Dutch and Swiss) and 5 Swiss companies, and 5 Swiss initiatives were presented. In addition, trade commissioners and investment promotion agencies from 4 countries (The Netherlands, Canada, Korea, UK) were part of the events. The counterpart trip with a Swiss delegation going to Amsterdam, will take place at a later point in time.   Read More

Past Event: 2017 General Assembly

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Link to event here


More that 50 members joined our General Assembly on March 8th. Since launching in 2015, the Swiss Finance + Technology Association has attracted over 400 members and expanded the range and diversity of its services and activities. It was now time to reflect, share with those members the track record, and give them the chance to raise their voice in the Swiss FinTech Community.

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Past Event: FinTech Lunch #11 – Adding Value Through Payments

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Fintech lunch 11


The room is fully booked, more than 30 fintechers joined us on March 3rd in order to take part in the FinTech lunch #11. Two excellent speakers are ready to share their view and experience about the chosen topic: “Adding Value Through Payments”. FinTech lunches bring together Swiss Finance + Technology Association members and the interested public for networking but also to provide a forum for discussion of a dedicated topic.

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Past Event: FinTech Business Opportunities and Trade Mission to Russia – Going Global

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Mentor event

Link to event here

Event Summary

The event “Going Global: Business Trade Mission to Russia” was held at the Switzerland Global Enterprise office on February 14th, as part of the core strategy of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association. We are supporting and organizing a number of activities that leverage our national and international connections to bring the Swiss Ecosystem to a new level. We enable our members to find business opportunities internationally.

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Past Event: APIs and FinTech: What’s next?

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CA Technologies

Link to event here

Event Summary – The 4th event of our Corporate Innovation series with CA Technologies.

More than 50 people joined us at the Impact Hub Viadukt for this afterwork event focused on the topic of “APIs for Fintechs”. The participants had the occasion to learn more about current market trends and challenges from experts of the field. The presentations were followed by an interactive Q&A session. After the event, interested Fintechs/startups were offered to apply for a joint POC scheduled to take place in the near future.

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