We are excited to announce that the PDF directory of the Swiss FinTech Ecosystem is now available here.The vibrancy of the Swiss FinTech ecosystem has been an impressive demonstration of how old stereo types about boring Swiss entrepreneurs need to be reconsidered. While many of the large players in the banking system lack the vision for a future that goes beyond cutting operational costs, startups have created an impressive amount of fulltime jobs here in Switzerland and abroad. 

Keeping track of all these developments can be a daunting task, so the Swiss Finance + Technology association has taken it upon itself to provide useful guidance and a comprehensive overview.

A few months ago, we updated our map of the entire ecosystem and reached out to all listed entities to check their record and update it if needed. We were very glad with the high response rate and all the positive feedback coming our way. Most importantly, this allowed us to improve the quality of our database which in turn benefits each member of the ecosystem.

Today, we are introducing an updated overview of the Swiss FinTech ecosystem in the form of a PDF presentation. Just like the map, it encompasses the FinTech startups themselves, selected financial intermediaries (FIS), facilitators, academia, associations, events, investors and various corporate entities. 

Surely, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus must have been talking about the Swiss FinTech ecosystem when he famously said: “All entities move and nothing remains still” so this is why we fully intend to keep our database updated and feed those updates regularly back into the map and the PDF presentation. You can contribute to this effort by letting us know any changes or additions via info@swissfinte.ch

We’re very proud of the progress all around us and feel privileged to contribute these useful guides to the community. 

A very special thanks to Roger Darin, Daniel Dettwiler, and Luke Szkudlarek, who made all the improvements possible!