Swiss Finance + Technology Association wants to help encourage more FinTech start-ups in Switzerland and help them reach world-class levels more swiftly.

The aim of the Technology Partner Program is to help support local entrepreneurs in early stage of development by providing access to essential FinTech-specific technology, data and services (e.g. APIs, market data, etc.) and reduce its cost and risk, as well as to provide guidance through the leading industry partners.

Privileged access to the best of the Swiss
FinTech ecosystem and joint effort with
other leading innovators in FinTech

Higher visibility to your product or
service within a wide FinTech

Interaction with young entrepreneurs
and companies at the center of a vibrant
innovation environment

Opportunity to host a technology
showcase event or to participate to
events organized by the Association


  • Free of charge 6 month trial period
  • Special conditions for your services offered to our members
  • Fast-track process for engaging your services
  • Dedicated support from a contact at your firm Presentation of your services, products and technology on our website
  • Participation to a joint Tech Partners showcase event to present your product or service
  • Option to host a dedicated demo event to promote your Tech Partner offerings (location/food/beverages at your cost plus a CHF 500 organisation fee)

For more information – download

Contact: Frank Verstraeten, Tech Partner Program leader

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