Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) supports Swiss Finance + Technology Association and its Women in FinTeCH initiative

Despite an important number of programs targeting startups and young companies active in financial technology sector, many women from different professional backgrounds, with whom the Swiss Finance + Technology Association has been in contact through its current activities, repeatedly reported a lack of strategic networking in the field and an uncovered need for centralised information hub about the available resources to support FinTech businesses.

Within the broader objective of fostering the development of the FinTech ecosystem in Switzerland, the Association took the lead on promoting an important and previously underserved perspective of female professionals in Swiss FinTech by establishing Women in FinTeCH group, largely supported from its very beginning by CTI’s funding area Start-up and Entrepreneurship.

Lutz Nolte, Vice-President of CTI and Head of the funding area Start-up and Entrepreneurship: “We are happy to support this initiative as CTI in our effort to contribute to a strong and dynamic technology environment in Switzerland. The services provided are complementary to CTI programmes because they create a unique, impact oriented ecosystem focused specifically on the intersection of financial services and technology.“

John Hucker, President of Swiss Finance + Technology Association: “This is a historic period in financial services where the industry is being reinvented. What better time to make an impact by encouraging women to get involved with the action.”

Women in FinTeCH group aims to serve all women currently working or passionate about FinTech, facilitate the dialogue among experts and peers, design educational agenda and support new businesses. The main objective is to provide a support framework enabling the community to share the expertise and knowledge as well as to raise awareness and equip organizations and governments with the tools that tomorrow’s economy demands.

Ekaterina Sirotyuk, co-Lead Women in FinTeCH: “Our vision is ambitious – help women to build and develop business from idea to sustainable business stage. Timely experts involvement, quality network, VC and government support and rich environment for ideas exchange ultimately matter most in execution. We want to have all building “support” blocks needed for execution at Women in FinTeCH”.

The Kickoff Lunch that took place in Zurich on August 25th gave the start to the Women in FinTeCH 2016 program. The core group of 26 ladies had a chance to briefly introduce themselves and connect to each other. It was a very productive time with many valuable inputs and suggestions. The lunches will take place on a regular basis with the next event to be announced shortly. All female professionals interested to get involved with the initiative and receive the updates are welcome to sign-up through this form.

Further information on Women in FinTeCH and range of activities can be found on the official page.

About Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI

The CTI is the federal innovation promotion agency responsible for encouraging science-based innovation in Switzerland by providing financing, professional advice and networks. It also works to ensure that scientific research contributes to economic growth. The CTI is affiliated to the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER). More information on the official website.

About Swiss Finance + Technology Association

Established in 2015, Swiss Finance + Technology Association currently counts more than 300 members and aims to serve as the hub and centre of gravity for the Swiss FinTech ecosystem, representing all stakeholder groups. The Association is volunteer‐led and engages with a broad network of both local and international partners to pursue its aims. Its activities include networking, development, research, advocacy, and promoting. More information on the official website.

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