The Swiss Finance + Technology Association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Fintech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK). This further strengthens the collaboration between Asia and Europe. In practice this means that the two organisations will join each others’ events and they will exchange knowledge about the market and regulation. New opportunities for start-ups and investors of both countries will be created.

Fintech Hongkong

Musheer Ahmed, interim general manager of FTAHK, said, “Collaboration is crucial to the development of FinTech, not just in Hong Kong but globally. It is also one of the founding principles of FTAHK. Our partnerships with the Singapore FinTech Association, the FinTech Industry Development Association in Taiwan and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association are excellent examples of how we want to work with all relevant parties to the benefit of the wider community.”

Alexandre Gaillard, , vice president of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association, said: “The Swiss and Hong Kong FinTech scenes are both evolving in a fast and exciting way. Working together will act as a catalyst to a greater understanding of the role of FinTech in our different markets and help further its continued development.”

The FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) is an independent, not-for-profit, member-driven organisation that is the voice of the FinTech community in Hong Kong. Members range from promising startups and passionate individuals to global financial institutions and service providers. FTAHK is currently led by a volunteer group of board members from the FinTech community who care about the future of FinTech in Hong Kong, greater China and Asia. The Association’s three initial goals are to: Adovace, Collaborate and Educate.