Berlin, 06.06.2019: The Swiss security tokenisation provider BlockState has announced that it will launch its asset tokenisation platform issuing its own digitised company equity. The announcement comes shortly after BlockState unveiled one of its first clients to conduct an STO, the European urban music promoter Streetlife International. BlockState’s digital company shares are on public sale starting today, 18 June 2019.

BlockState will showcase the entire security tokenisation and investment process from start to finish, enabling institutional, professional and retail investors to participate in a public equity round. It is being backed by international investors from the finance industry and advisors from leading companies including Airbnb, Google, Credit Suisse and Pictet. Patrick Storchenegger, Swiss notary and board member of the Ethereum Foundation, acted as the legal architect. BlockState will enable both institutional and retail investors to participate in the public offering of €2 million to fund further technical and business development activities.

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SFTA’s member Paul Claudius, co-founder and CEO of BlockState